Butoh- Dancing in the shadows

2017-08-28 Stories

Eyes searching for something, their bodies spare and painted white, some with clothes that seemed blood-stained, others naked, the students float in from different directions. Behind them, their teacher’s words soar, “Imagine you’re liquid, flow, flow in every direction, flow effortlessly.” It wasn’t a session of black magic in progress, though. These were students at the Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya, a dance academy started in 2005 by 60-year-old Rhizome Lee, which teaches butoh, a form of Japanese dance theatre thatRead More

The forgotten women in an Indian mental health ward

2017-02-22 Stories

First published at BBC – The forgotten women in an Indian mental health ward The female ward at the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences (IHBAS) in India’s capital Delhi is home to about 80 women with mental health problems. I spent months documenting the women on the ward. Mental illness is “not the only war the women fight here – the stigma of social acceptance and gender discrimination is a major cause of their trauma. The male ward isRead More

Rohingyas feel safe in India, but uncertainty looms

2016-12-28 Stories

Link to the published article The Rohingya are often described as one of the most persecuted communities in the world. A significant number of them are also living in India as refugees and asylum seekers. Most commuters who pass the Kalindi Kunj bridge in Delhi tend to generally notice only the metro construction. From a distance, the makeshift settlement near the construction area appears to be a normal sight in the city: tents built with recycled material found on theRead More

A world of highs, and terrible lows

2016-12-22 Stories

Link to the published article In the national capital, children as young as 11 are turning to cheap and easily available drugs, while some parents are getting infants high to help with begging. DNA takes a closer look at the underbelly of the drug menace Aye maalik tere bande hum, aise ho hamaare karam, neki par chalein, aur badee se tale, taaki hanste hue nikale dam” The plaintive notes echo in the winter night as Hasina sings softly. Dressed inRead More

‘I know the child is not mine’

2016-11-26 Stories

Link to the published article Smiles and some significant bellies welcome you when you climb the stairs of the ‘surrogacy hostel’ that houses 21 women in various stages of pregnancy waiting to deliver the ‘tenant’ child. A short drive off the Gurugram highway, the hostel in a small residential colony in this suburban town adjoining New Delhi is run by an organisation promising a ‘complete solution to surrogacy needs’, including ‘surrogate care’, in the National Capital Region (NCR). In theRead More